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ICOM Transport

About our company

Who are we?

The transport group ICOM Transport has been one of the largest transport companies in the Czech Republic for almost 30 years. Every day of the year, including weekends and holidays, our buses provide transport connection for residents of several regions. Additionally, our company also records significant successes in domestic and international truck transport.

  • 29

    years in business

  • 800

    buses that transport 40 million passenger annually,

  • 300

    sets of trucks

  • 1.800


Thanks to the availability of the most modern fleet of Mercedes-Benz vehicles, we are able to offer our clients high culture of everyday travel services.  Currently, the transport group ICOM transport operates 800 buses, 300 sets of trucks, and employs 1,800 workers. Moreover, it offers an authorized Mercedes-Benz service center, a network of gas stations, emission measuring services and vehicle washing stations.

In freight transport, our team offers partners our know-how and tailor-made, effective, problem-free transport solutions.  A 24-hour availability of vehicles in operation or purchase of 100 vehicles conforming to special shipping requirements are no exception. We are always able to accurately inform our business partners of the location of individual vehicles.

Moreover, as a large transport company, ICOM transport conducts a broad range of socially beneficial activities targeted not only on its own employees, but also all the about 40 million passengers who use the company´s buses annually. A clear confirmation of the many years of the company´s socially responsible approach is, for example, the Award of the Governor of the Vysočina Region in appreciation of the company´s efforts and organization to integrate social, environmental, ethical, and human-rights interests into its operations.

ICOM transport also puts great emphasis on ecology, where its most important activity focuses on constant updating and upgrading of its vehicle fleet.  The result is that most of the company´s vehicles meet the strictest emission standard EURO 6, which reduces emissions of nitrogen oxides and solid particles by up to 200 tons and reduces consumption by approximately 1,600 tons of Diesel. In addition, ICOM transport concentrates on renewable sources, investments into energy-saving lighting and heating, responsible sorting of plastics, paper, batteries, toners, and other materials as well as activities.


1994 - Zdeněk Kratochvíl joins ČSAD Jihlava a.s.  The company is undergoing substantial changes in organization and economic management.

1996 - ČSAD Jihlava a.s. withdraws from the anonymity of other ČSAD branches and changes its business name and identity to ICOM transport a.s.

1997 – The General Assembly approved the purchase of ČSAD Pelhřimov a.s., thus making  ICOM transport a.s. the largest transport company in the Bohemian-Moravian Highlands, i.e., the Vysočina Region.

1998 – Completion of the demolition and reconstruction of old workshops and their conversion to a Mercedes-Benz service.

1998 – Certification of the Mercedes-Benz service facilityu in Jihlava as the first authorized Mercedes-Benz service center in Vysočina

2000 - ICOM transport a.s. acquires majority ownership of the shares of ČSAD Jindřichův Hradec a.s., ČSAD Benešov a.s., ČSAD Slaný a.s., and ČSAD Ústí nad Orlicí a.s.

2001 – Obtaining the ISO 9001:2000 Certificate for “International and domestic transport by own vehicles, including  transport governed by ADR and ATP Regulations“.

2003 - ICOM transport a.s. becomes 100% owner of TRADO BUS, s.r.o. and TRADO MAD, s.r.o. located in Třebíč.

2021 - 20 years of successful defending the ISO Certificate (valid version 9001:2015)

2022 – authorization of Mercedes-Benz service in Humpolec

  • 1995

    year of establishment

  • Jihlava

    Headquarters: Jiráskova 1424/78, 587 32 Jihlava

  • 4 billion CZK

    Average annual turnover

  • 800

    800 buses in the fleet

  • 300


  • Vehicle fleet

    Mercedes-Benz, Setra Rošero, Iveco, ISUZU

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    ICOM transport e-magazine

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Corporate Structure

Since Zdeněk Kratochvíl joined ČSAD Jihlava a.s., ICOM transport a.s. (until 1996 ČSAD Jihlava a.s.) is constantly growing. The first new company to join the ICOM transport a.s. parent company was ČSAD Pelhřimov a.s.

Three years later, ICOM transport a.s. acquires majority share of ČSAD Jindřichův Hradec s.r.o.ČSAD Slaný s.r.o.ČSAD Benešov s.r.o., and ČSAD Ústí nad Orlicí a.s., and becomes part of Europe´s important transport groups. Following extensive investment in the above companies and transition to a unified management system, ICOM transport a.s. ranges as one of the most modern transport groups.

In 2003, the corporate family strengthens its position by acquiring two additional companies, (TRADO-MAD, s.r.o. Třebíč and TRADO-BUS s.r.o. Třebíč), thus consolidating the position of ICOM transport a.s.