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ICOM Transport

Domestic Transport

In domestic transport, ICOM transport a.s.  forwards mainly food products. This type of freight also determines the type of technology, as it requires mainly refrigerated trailers and box trailers. Our company guarantees all its partners and customers accurate fulfillment of the timing of loading and unloading of goods. We regularly check compliance with the temperature limits in the cargo space and provide relevant on-line information upon request even retrospectively.

Our dispatchers use a state-of-the-art computer system for planning transports, whereby all vehicles are interconnected on-line so that the dispatchers, drivers and customers have timely tracking information available at any time. For our transporting agenda we use exclusively Mercedes-Benz tractors that meet the strictest ecological standards EURO 6.

Domestic truck transport
Tel.: +420 567 121 106

International truck transport
Tel.: +420 565 519 135