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ICOM Transport

Payment cards and electronic wallet

We offer passenger the possibility to pay the bus ticket without cash using a PAYMENT CARD. From the month of February 2023, a new check-in equipment from Mikroelectronika will be available where tickets can be purchased with a bank card.

  • Portable (no photo) / electronic wallet
    deposit funds (credit) on the so-called electronic wallet and use it for fare payment

The production and sale of electronic wallets is provided by the TRADO-MAD company , which is also a part of ICOM transport a.s. The card can only be used exclusively on the lines and connections operated by TRADO-BUS.


  • simple handling
  • facilitates accelerated check-in of passengers – fare deduction from the charged amount in the electronic wallet
  • modern and comfortable method for paying fares while traveling
  • if the car dis lost, it can be blocked and the balance transferred on a new card
  • there is no need to have the necessary cash as the funds are deposited on the card; parents do not have to worry about preparing adequate cash for their children to buy a ticket 
  • payment with the electronic wallet is not tied to the cardholder; it can be used by several persons (even concurrently); the deposit on the car dis not time-limited
  • the card can be recharged at the driver´s place or the information office