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ICOM Transport

Payment cards and electronic wallet

We offer our passenger the option to pay bus fares without cash using a PAYMENT CARD.

  • Portable (no photo) / electronic wallet
    you can deposit funds (credit) on the so-called electronic wallet and use it for fare payment


How to get a payment card

Cards are produced by the information office of ICOM transport a.s., while waiting, on the basis of a filled-out application and presentation of the necessary documents required for the specific type of card. Below on this page, you can find the Conditions for Purchasing and Use of Payment Cards or Application for an Electronic Wallet.


  • simple handling
  • facilitates accelerated check-in of passengers – fare deduction from the charged amount in the electronic wallet
  • modern and comfortable method for paying fares while traveling
  • if the card is lost, it can be blocked and the balance transferred on a new card
  • there is no need to have the necessary cash as the funds are deposited on the card; parents do not have to worry about preparing adequate cash for their children to buy a ticket 
  • payment with the electronic wallet is not tied to the cardholder; it can be used by several persons (even concurrently); the deposit on the car dis not time-limited
  • the card can be recharged at the driver´s place or the information office